The Nativity, Lorenzo Lotto
National Gallery of Art

Christmas Art

Throughout the centuries, great painters have celebrated the miracle of Christ's birth in works of art. Here is a collection of many paintings which portray the events of the Christmas story.

The Annunciation By The Angel Gabriel to Mary

The Cestello Annunciation -- Botticelli

The Annunciation -- Raffaello Sanzio

The Annunciation -- Gerard David

The Nativity in Bethlehem

Altar cloth depicting the Nativity

Nativity -- from St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church

Nativity -- Jean Michelin 1659

The Nativity

Nativity (Holy Night) -- Correggio

Nativity. Annunciation to the shepherds -- Breviary of Martin of Aragon

Shepherd keeping his sheep -- Breviary of Martin of Aragon

Nativity -- Sano di Pietro

Nativity -- Raphael

Annunciation to the Shepherds -- Comerre

The Nativity -- Juan de Flandes

The Nativity -- Petrus Christus

The Nativity with the Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel -- Duccio di Buoninsegna

The Nativity -- Albrecht Durer

The Nativity -- Lorenzo Lotto


The Holy Family -- Madonna And Child

Madonna of the Pomegranate -- Botticelli
Madonna of the Magnificat -- Botticelli
Holy Family -- Giuseppe Maria Crespi
Madonna & Child-- Bernardo Daddi
Madonna & Child -- Paolo de Matteis -- 1996 USPS Christmas Stamp
Madonna & Child -- Giotto -- 1995 USPS Christmas Stamp

The Adoration of the Magi

Adoration of the Magi-- Breviary of Martin of Aragon
The Adoration of the Magi(c.1540) -- Benvenuto Tisi
Adoration of the Magi -- Albrecht Durer
Epiphany -- Raphael
Adoration of the Magi -- Raffaello Sanzio
Adoration of the Magi -- Raphael.

Adoration of the Magi -- Juan de Flandes

Adoration of the Magi -- Botticelli

Adoration of the Magi -- Fra Anegelico and Filippo Lippi

Adoration of the Magi -- Giovanni di Paolo di Grazia


Religious Images, A Study of the Art of the Nativity

The World's Great Madonnas

The Birth and Infancy of Christ, from 14th Century illuminated manuscripts

Christmas Murals -- by David Hetland

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